hepes for culture out of co2 incubator? (View forum version)

prof. moriarty

Posted 10 December 2009 - 04:34 PM

unfortunately the facility i am using for culturing my j774.2 macrophages does not have a co2 incubator, only a regular incubator. thus, i have two choices: manually gas with co2 or use hepes supplemented medium. i know there are other co2 independent mediums, but hepes is convenient since it can just be added to the medium i already have. i am culturing for maybe 4-7 days using hepes and no co2 incubator. i prefer hepes over manual gassing since it is less labor intensive (i would have to regas at every media change, plus the co2 cylinders cost more than hepes media) will my cells b ok? have u guys done this before? I know hepes can be used for culture out of co2 incubator, i am just not sure if it will work for 4-7 days. thanks!
p.s. oh and if you know other methods of co2 independent culture than please let me know
p. p.s. and the medium i am using is dmem, 4mM l glutamine, and 10% fbs

prof. moriarty

Posted 10 December 2009 - 04:48 PM

[size="4"]also, is manual gassing with 5% co2 better for cells than 25 mM hepes supplementation? i will be maintaing for 4-7 days.