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- Articles in Press from Nature, Science, Cell, etc.
Metabolism: Growth in the fat lane (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Cardiology: Race for healthy hearts (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Cancer: The complex seeds of metastasis (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Materials science: Unique wrinkles as identity tags (Nature, 2015-04-01)
In vivo genome editing using Staphylococcus aureus Cas9 (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Fatty acid carbon is essential for dNTP synthesis in endothelial cells (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Reducing the energy cost of human walking using an unpowered exoskeleton (Nature, 2015-04-01)
New cosmogenic burial ages for Sterkfontein Member 2 Australopithecus and Member 5 Oldowan (Nature, 2015-04-01)
The evolutionary history of lethal metastatic prostate cancer (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Early reprogramming regulators identified by prospective isolation and mass cytometry (Nature, 2015-04-01)
The maternal-age-associated risk of congenital heart disease is modifiable (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Corrigendum: Derivation of novel human ground state naive pluripotent stem cells (Nature, 2015-04-01)
Corrigendum: Deterministic direct reprogramming of somatic cells to pluripotency (Nature, 2015-04-01)
[Report] Quasiparticle mass enhancement approaching optimal doping in a high-Tc superconductor (Science, 2015-03-26)
[Report] Mutation rate and genotype variation of Ebola virus from Mali case sequences (Science, 2015-03-26)
[Report] An Ebola whole-virus vaccine is protective in nonhuman primates (Science, 2015-03-26)
[Report] Life-threatening influenza and impaired interferon amplification in human IRF7 deficiency (Science, 2015-03-26)
[Report] Volume loss from Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating (Science, 2015-03-26)
[Report] Eddy-driven subduction exports particulate organic carbon from the spring bloom (Science, 2015-03-26)

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