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Photon-mediated interactions between quantum emitters in a diamond nanocavity (Science, )
Enantiodivergent Pd-catalyzed C-C bond formation enabled through ligand parameterization (Science, )
Generation of human oogonia from induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro (Science, )
Evolutionary shift toward protein-based architecture in trypanosomal mitochondrial ribosomes (Science, )
Discovery of widespread Type I and Type V CRISPR-Cas inhibitors (Science, )
Systematic discovery of natural CRISPR-Cas12a inhibitors (Science, )
Structure of the human voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.4 in complex with {beta}1 (Science, )
Dimerization quality control ensures neuronal development and survival (Science, )
Aptamer-field-effect transistors overcome Debye length limitations for small-molecule sensing (Science, )
Gene editing restores dystrophin expression in a canine model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Science, )
Joint profiling of chromatin accessibility and gene expression in thousands of single cells (Science, )
Systemic control of legume susceptibility to rhizobial infection by a mobile microRNA (Science, )
The opium poppy genome and morphinan production (Science, )
Quantum oscillations of electrical resistivity in an insulator (Science, )
Two Patched molecules engage distinct sites on Hedgehog yielding a signaling-competent complex (Science, )
Allele-specific epigenome maps reveal sequence-dependent stochastic switching at regulatory loci (Science, )
MCM2 promotes symmetric inheritance of modified histones during DNA replication (Science, )
A mechanism for preventing asymmetric histone segregation onto replicating DNA strands (Science, )
Evidence for Majorana bound states in an iron-based superconductor (Science, )
Slab2, a comprehensive subduction zone geometry model (Science, )
Structural basis for the modulation of voltage-gated sodium channels by animal toxins (Science, )
Single-proton spin detection by diamond magnetometry (Science, )
Critics Skeptical as Flu Scientists Argue for Controversial H7N9 Studies (Science, )
Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity in Humans (Science, )
A Single Molecular Spin Valve (Science, )