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Myeloid disease: Another action of a thalidomide derivative (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Developmental biology: Nanotubes in the niche (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Protistology: How to build a microbial eye (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Lenalidomide induces ubiquitination and degradation of CK1α in del(5q) MDS (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Eye-like ocelloids are built from different endosymbiotically acquired components (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Nanotubes mediate niche–stem-cell signalling in the Drosophila testis (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Directional dominance on stature and cognition in diverse human populations (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Influence maximization in complex networks through optimal percolation (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Viral-genetic tracing of the input–output organization of a central noradrenaline circuit (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Corrigendum: Greenland supraglacial lake drainages triggered by hydrologically induced basal slip (Nature, 2015-07-01)
Structures of actin-like ParM filaments show architecture of plasmid-segregating spindles (Nature1 , 2015-04-27)
[Report] Protective efficacy of adenovirus-protein vaccines against SIV challenges in rhesus monkeys (Science, 2015-07-02)
[Report] Dengue subgenomic RNA binds TRIM25 to inhibit interferon expression for epidemiological fitness (Science, 2015-07-02)
[Report] Unconventional Fermi surface in an insulating state (Science, 2015-07-02)