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Chemical bond formation showing a transition from physisorption to chemisorption (Science, )
Seconds-scale coherence on an optical clock transition in a tweezer array (Science, )
Revolutions in agriculture chart a course for targeted breeding of old and new crops (Science, )
CRISPR-mediated live imaging of genome editing and transcription (Science, )
Structural insights into TRPM8 inhibition and desensitization (Science, )
A lineage-resolved molecular atlas of C. elegans embryogenesis at single-cell resolution (Science, )
Probing Majorana neutrinos with double-{beta} decay (Science, )
Microbial metabolites control the thymic development of mucosal-associated invariant T cells (Science, )
Maleness-on-the-Y (MoY) orchestrates male sex determination in major agricultural fruit fly pests (Science, )
Non-Abelian band topology in noninteracting metals (Science, )
Phase-change heterostructure enables ultralow noise and drift for memory operation (Science, )
An sp-hybridized molecular carbon allotrope, cyclo[18]carbon (Science, )
Genetic behavioral screen identifies an orphan anti-opioid system (Science, )
Single-proton spin detection by diamond magnetometry (Science, )
Critics Skeptical as Flu Scientists Argue for Controversial H7N9 Studies (Science, )
Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity in Humans (Science, )
A Single Molecular Spin Valve (Science, )

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