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Evolution: Fitness tracking for adapting populations (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Cell signalling: Disarming Wnt (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Notum deacylates Wnt proteins to suppress signalling activity (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Quantitative evolutionary dynamics using high-resolution lineage tracking (Nature, 2015-02-25)
A motor cortex circuit for motor planning and movement (Nature, 2015-02-25)
A gp130–Src–YAP module links inflammation to epithelial regeneration (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Dietary emulsifiers impact the mouse gut microbiota promoting colitis and metabolic syndrome (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Observational determination of surface radiative forcing by CO2 from 2000 to 2010 (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Decrease in CO2 efflux from northern hardwater lakes with increasing atmospheric warming (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Erratum: A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance (Nature, 2015-02-25)
Corrigendum: OSCA1 mediates osmotic-stress-evoked Ca2+ increases vital for osmosensing in Arabidopsis (Nature, 2015-02-25)
[Perspective] What is the question? (Science, 2015-02-25)
[Report] Aqueous formation and manipulation of the iron-oxo Keggin ion (Science, 2015-02-25)
[Report] Human-specific gene ARHGAP11B promotes basal progenitor amplification and neocortex expansion (Science, 2015-02-25)
[Report] Controlled-release mitochondrial protonophore reverses diabetes and steatohepatitis in rats (Science, 2015-02-25)
[Review] Bee declines driven by combined stress from parasites, pesticides, and lack of flowers (Science, 2015-02-25)