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- Articles in Press from Nature, Science, Cell, etc.
Structural biology: Arresting developments in receptor signalling (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Sustainability: Bypassing the methane cycle (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Ophthalmology: Cataracts dissolved (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Molecular biology: Salvaging the genome (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Biogenesis and structure of a type VI secretion membrane core complex (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Crystal structure of rhodopsin bound to arrestin by femtosecond X-ray laser (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Metabolic co-dependence gives rise to collective oscillations within biofilms (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Non-coding recurrent mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Conversion of amides to esters by the nickel-catalysed activation of amide C–N bonds (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Expression of barley SUSIBA2 transcription factor yields high-starch low-methane rice (Nature, 2015-07-22)
CDA directs metabolism of epigenetic nucleosides revealing a therapeutic window in cancer (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Lanosterol reverses protein aggregation in cataracts (Nature, 2015-07-22)
Structure of the TRPA1 ion channel suggests regulatory mechanisms (Nature, 2015-07-22)
[Report] RNA editing by ADAR1 prevents MDA5 sensing of endogenous dsRNA as nonself (Science, 2015-07-23)
[Report] Voltage-tunable circular photogalvanic effect in silicon nanowires (Science, 2015-07-23)
[Research Article] Abrupt warming events drove Late Pleistocene Holarctic megafaunal turnover (Science, 2015-07-23)
[Report] Readily processed protonic ceramic fuel cells with high performance at low temperatures (Science, 2015-07-23)

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