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Latest Scientific Breakthroughs

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Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Defining synonymous codon compression schemes by genome recoding (Nature, 2016-10-24)
Nature1 -
• Atomic model for the membrane-embedded VO motor of a eukaryotic V-ATPase (Nature1 , 2016-10-24)
Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Olfactory receptor pseudo-pseudogenes (Nature, 2016-10-24)
• Amazon boundary layer aerosol concentration sustained by vertical transport during rainfall (Nature, 2016-10-24)
• DNA repair: Telomere-lengthening mechanism revealed (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• Behavioural biology: Stones that could cause ripples (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• Break-induced telomere synthesis underlies alternative telomere maintenance (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• The MCL1 inhibitor S63845 is tolerable and effective in diverse cancer models (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• TET-mediated DNA demethylation controls gastrulation by regulating Lefty–Nodal signalling (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• Fluvial sediment supply to a mega-delta reduced by shifting tropical-cyclone activity (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• Mechanism for DNA transposons to generate introns on genomic scales (Nature, 2016-10-19)
• Wild monkeys flake stone tools (Nature, 2016-10-19)
Nature Genetics - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Recurrent SERPINB3 and SERPINB4 mutations in patients who respond to anti-CTLA4 immunotherapy (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-26)
• Clonal evolution of chemotherapy-resistant urothelial carcinoma (Nature Genetics, 2016-10-17)
• Spatial intratumoral heterogeneity and temporal clonal evolution in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (Nature Genetics, 2016-10-17)
• The genomic landscape of schwannoma (Nature Genetics, 2016-10-10)
• Genome-wide association analysis identifies variation in vitamin D receptor and other host factors influencing the gut microbiota (Nature Genetics, 2016-10-10)
• Mutations in the HECT domain of NEDD4L lead to AKT–mTOR pathway deregulation and cause periventricular nodular heterotopia (Nature Genetics, 2016-10-03)
• TSHZ3 deletion causes an autism syndrome and defects in cortical projection neurons (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-26)
• An inducible long noncoding RNA amplifies DNA damage signaling (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-26)
• Histone H3K9 methylation is dispensable for Caenorhabditis elegans development but suppresses RNA:DNA hybrid-associated repeat instability (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-26)
• The rate of meiotic gene conversion varies by sex and age (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-19)
• Association of germline variants in the APOBEC3 region with cancer risk and enrichment with APOBEC-signature mutations in tumors (Nature Genetics, 2016-09-19)
Science - Sciencexpress
• [Report] Coseismic rupturing stopped by Aso volcano during the 2016 Mw 7.1 Kumamoto earthquake, Japan (Science, 2016-10-20)
• [Report] A fully-programmable 100-spin coherent Ising machine with all-to-all connections (Science, 2016-10-20)
• [Report] A coherent Ising machine for 2000-node optimization problems (Science, 2016-10-20)
• [Report] Depleting dietary valine permits nonmyeloablative mouse hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Science, 2016-10-20)
• [Report] Perovskite-perovskite tandem photovoltaics with optimized bandgaps (Science, 2016-10-20)
• [Report] The ATG conjugation systems are important for degradation of the inner autophagosomal membrane (Science, 2016-10-20)