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Latest Scientific Breakthroughs

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Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Gating machinery of InsP3R channels revealed by electron cryomicroscopy (Nature, 2015-10-12)
• Observation of non-Hermitian degeneracies in a chaotic exciton-polariton billiard (Nature, 2015-10-12)
• Crystal structure of the 500-kDa yeast acetyl-CoA carboxylase holoenzyme dimer (Nature, 2015-10-12)
• Dynamic m6A mRNA methylation directs translational control of heat shock response (Nature, 2015-10-12)
• Biological techniques: Kidney tissue grown from induced stem cells (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• Evolution: An avian explosion (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• Peptoid nanosheets exhibit a new secondary-structure motif (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• The genetic sex-determination system predicts adult sex ratios in tetrapods (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• A comprehensive phylogeny of birds (Aves) using targeted next-generation DNA sequencing (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• Kidney organoids from human iPS cells contain multiple lineages and model human nephrogenesis (Nature, 2015-10-07)
• Control of REM sleep by ventral medulla GABAergic neurons (Nature, 2015-10-07)
Nature Genetics - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• MMP21 is mutated in human heterotaxy and is required for normal left-right asymmetry in vertebrates (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-05)
• The genomic landscape of juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-12)
• Integrated molecular analysis of adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-05)
• DNA methylome analysis in Burkitt and follicular lymphomas identifies differentially methylated regions linked to somatic mutation and transcriptional control (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-05)
• Large-scale genomic analyses link reproductive aging to hypothalamic signaling, breast cancer susceptibility and BRCA1-mediated DNA repair (Nature Genetics, 2015-09-28)
• Trans-ancestry genome-wide association study identifies 12 genetic loci influencing blood pressure and implicates a role for DNA methylation (Nature Genetics, 2015-09-21)
• Genome-wide association analyses based on whole-genome sequencing in Sardinia provide insights into regulation of hemoglobin levels (Nature Genetics, 2015-09-14)
• Genome sequencing elucidates Sardinian genetic architecture and augments association analyses for lipid and blood inflammatory markers (Nature Genetics, 2015-09-14)
• Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia displays mutations in components of the RAS pathway and the PRC2 network (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-12)
• The androgen receptor cistrome is extensively reprogrammed in human prostate tumorigenesis (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-12)
• Discovery of four recessive developmental disorders using probabilistic genotype and phenotype matching among 4,125 families (Nature Genetics, 2015-10-05)
Science - Sciencexpress
• [Report] Ancient Ethiopian genome reveals extensive Eurasian admixture throughout the African continent (Science, 2015-10-08)
• [Report] Cryo-EM structure of the activated NAIP2-NLRC4 inflammasome reveals nucleated polymerization (Science, 2015-10-08)
• [Research Article] Structural and biochemical basis for induced self-propagation of NLRC4 (Science, 2015-10-08)
• [Research Article] Sestrin2 is a leucine sensor for the mTORC1 pathway (Science, 2015-10-08)
• [Research Article] Disruption of histone methylation in developing sperm impairs offspring health transgenerationally (Science, 2015-10-08)