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Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Palaeontology: Dinosaur up in the air (Nature, 2015-04-29)
• Cancer: Antibodies regulate antitumour immunity (Nature, 2015-04-29)
• Sequential cancer mutations in cultured human intestinal stem cells (Nature, 2015-04-29)
Nature1 -
• Allogeneic IgG combined with dendritic cell stimuli induce antitumour T-cell immunity (Nature1 , 2015-04-29)
Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Th17 cells transdifferentiate into regulatory T cells during resolution of inflammation (Nature, 2015-04-29)
• Immunosuppressive plasma cells impede T-cell-dependent immunogenic chemotherapy (Nature, 2015-04-29)
• A bizarre Jurassic maniraptoran theropod with preserved evidence of membranous wings (Nature, 2015-04-29)
• Neurons for hunger and thirst transmit a negative-valence teaching signal (Nature, 2015-04-27)
Nature1 -
• Structures of actin-like ParM filaments show architecture of plasmid-segregating spindles (Nature1 , 2015-04-27)
Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• The Xist lncRNA interacts directly with SHARP to silence transcription through HDAC3 (Nature, 2015-04-27)
• An enigmatic plant-eating theropod from the Late Jurassic period of Chile (Nature, 2015-04-27)
• Ecology: Tasteless pesticides affect bees in the field (Nature, 2015-04-22)
• Bees prefer foods containing neonicotinoid pesticides (Nature, 2015-04-22)
Nature Genetics - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Letters from Iceland (Nature Genetics, 2015-03-25)
• Mutations in XPR1 cause primary familial brain calcification associated with altered phosphate export (Nature Genetics, 2015-05-04)
• Fine mapping in the MHC region accounts for 18% additional genetic risk for celiac disease (Nature Genetics, 2015-04-20)
• Mapping long-range promoter contacts in human cells with high-resolution capture Hi-C (Nature Genetics, 2015-05-04)
• NALP3 inflammasome upregulation and CASP1 cleavage of the glucocorticoid receptor cause glucocorticoid resistance in leukemia cells (Nature Genetics, 2015-05-04)
• The draft genome of the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) provides insights into its evolution and vegetarian adaptation (Nature Genetics, 2015-05-04)
• A germline homozygous mutation in the base-excision repair gene NTHL1 causes adenomatous polyposis and colorectal cancer (Nature Genetics, 2015-05-04)
• Germline RECQL mutations are associated with breast cancer susceptibility (Nature Genetics, 2015-04-27)
• Mutations in KCNH1 and ATP6V1B2 cause Zimmermann-Laband syndrome (Nature Genetics, 2015-04-27)
• Analysis of loss-of-function variants and 20 risk factor phenotypes in 8,554 individuals identifies loci influencing chronic disease (Nature Genetics, 2015-04-27)
• DNA replication fidelity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is mediated by an ancestral prokaryotic proofreader (Nature Genetics, 2015-04-20)
Science - Sciencexpress
• [Perspective] It’s about time for neural crest (Science, 2015-04-30)
• [Report] Impact of microstructure on local carrier lifetime in perovskite solar cells (Science, 2015-04-30)
• [Report] Reversible centriole depletion with an inhibitor of Polo-like kinase 4 (Science, 2015-04-30)
• [Research Article] Shared regulatory programs suggest retention of blastula-stage potential in neural crest cells (Science, 2015-04-30)
• [Report] A Werner syndrome stem cell model unveils heterochromatin alterations as a driver of human aging (Science, 2015-04-30)