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Latest Scientific Breakthroughs

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Nature - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Heart disease: Death-defying plaque cells (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Systems neuroscience: A modern map of the human cerebral cortex (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Synthetic biology: Bacteria synchronized for drug delivery (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Structural basis of Smoothened regulation by its extracellular domains (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Dynamics of ribosome scanning and recycling revealed by translation complex profiling (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Sliding sleeves of XRCC4–XLF bridge DNA and connect fragments of broken DNA (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Synchronized cycles of bacterial lysis for in vivo delivery (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• CD47-blocking antibodies restore phagocytosis and prevent atherosclerosis (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• A somitic contribution to the apical ectodermal ridge is essential for fin formation (Nature, 2016-07-20)
• Extending the lifetime of a quantum bit with error correction in superconducting circuits (Nature, 2016-07-20)
Nature1 -
• Abrupt plate accelerations shape rifted continental margins (Nature1 , 2016-07-18)
• Bright carbonate deposits as evidence of aqueous alteration on (1) Ceres (Nature1 , 2016-06-29)
Nature Genetics - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Meta-analysis of rare and common exome chip variants identifies S1PR4 and other loci influencing blood cell traits (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-11)
• Haploinsufficiency of MeCP2-interacting transcriptional co-repressor SIN3A causes mild intellectual disability by affecting the development of cortical integrity (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-11)
• Genetic dissection of the α-globin super-enhancer in vivo (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-04)
• Genome-wide association of multiple complex traits in outbred mice by ultra-low-coverage sequencing (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-04)
• Genome-wide association study of behavioral, physiological and gene expression traits in outbred CFW mice (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-04)
• Hierarchy within the mammary STAT5-driven Wap super-enhancer (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-04)
• The genomic landscape and evolution of endometrial carcinoma progression and abdominopelvic metastasis (Nature Genetics, 2016-06-27)
• Meta-analysis of 375,000 individuals identifies 38 susceptibility loci for migraine (Nature Genetics, 2016-06-20)
• Genome-wide association study using whole-genome sequencing rapidly identifies new genes influencing agronomic traits in rice (Nature Genetics, 2016-06-20)
• Parallel evolution of male germline epigenetic poising and somatic development in animals (Nature Genetics, 2016-06-13)
• Genome-wide association meta-analysis in Chinese and European individuals identifies ten new loci associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (Nature Genetics, 2016-07-11)
Science - Sciencexpress
• [Research Article] Structure of a yeast catalytically activated spliceosome at 3.5 Å resolution (Science, 2016-07-21)
• [Research Article] Structure of a yeast catalytic step I spliceosome at 3.4 Å resolution (Science, 2016-07-21)
• [Report] Basidiomycete yeasts in the cortex of ascomycete macrolichens (Science, 2016-07-21)
• [Report] Spatial organization of chromatin domains and compartments in single chromosomes (Science, 2016-07-21)
• [Report] Spatial organization of chromatin domains and compartments in single chromosomes (Science, 2016-07-21)
• [Research Article] Beyond Dirac and Weyl fermions: Unconventional quasiparticles in conventional crystals (Science, 2016-07-21)