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abbreviations i can't understand - in this forum (Apr/12/2007 )

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non-natives can overcome abbreviations in writings from the context of the sentence, but it could be more difficult to understand during a conversation


btw by the way, PS penicilin streptomycin in a cell culture context... bet Ethidium bromide is the writer is french-speaker...
ppt : precipitation precipitate.... and so on...


ppt, also powerpoint file smile.gif


MeOH = methanol, EtOH = ethanol, EtBr= ethidium bromide, IPA = isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol, isopropanol etc.). There are many more non-scientific abbreviations that are commonly in use, not frequently on this forum though (Thank FSM (incidentally: Flying Spaghetti Monster)), most of which are pretty inane (e.g. TTFN- ta ta for now, TGIF- "thank god it's friday" to which the reply should be SHIT- sorry honey it's thursday).

I see I use a lot of brackets in my posts (note to self, stop using brackets wacko.gif )



Even better than TGIF is POETS DAY: Push Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday


A silly question: What's PI stands for? (Supervisor starts with a 'S' and has nothing to do with P&I?)


PI = Principal Investigator


Other example is in vivo or in vitro...
latin... ancient language
Bye. biggrin.gif


but in vitro and in vivo are not really abbreviations, are they?


No, as far as I know!


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