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~ ThaT MoMent WheN ... inspired by Facebook !! ;) - (Oct/19/2012 )

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hobglobin on Fri Nov 2 15:23:18 2012 said:

ThaT MoMent When you drop your pipet and it's weekend


when you are working ELISA protocol ;
~ ThaT MoMent WheN ,,, you go and flip your plate to get rid of "whatever was in" ... to realise that IT WAS THE FINAL STEP and you SHOULD ADDED the STOP solution
after a 6hr long protocol and this kit was YOUR LAST

p.s : Based On a True Story ...


That Moment When

You aliquote you Mastermix into 60 odd- (single ) tubes and are about to add DNA and you realise that you have added the wrong primers

-Ameya P-

That MoMent When :-

you walk by your PCR machine to check when you are going to take your samples out from it ,,,
to realise that you haven't pushed the "start" button


That Moment When: You open the thermal cycler and you find tubes from somebody else...whereas yours are somewhere hidden in one of the many fridges...


That Moment When: You are about to write your thesis but you are too tired to begin....

-Adrian K-

~ ThaT MoMent WheN: you checked out an advanced e-pub of a research article and you realised that you just got scooped.....ouch...


~ ThaT MoMent WheN : you have forgotten ur mobile, in your lab-coat pocket! And it starts vibrating while you r processing your samples!
:-S ;-) :-D


That Moment when : the kits you ordered months ago, finally arrive!!!!

-Ameya P-

That moment when you realize that someone left 2 ul of antibody in the tube and didn't bother to reorder (AND you can't order it either because of the holidays) !!!


~ ThaT MoMent WheN : after being stuck validating a kit & finally running the samples ... you just realise you have run a wrong positive control sample ...
& you are just :

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