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~ ThaT MoMent WheN ... inspired by Facebook !! ;) - (Oct/19/2012 )

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okay, let's state the moments we live in the lab ...
to start :-

~ ThaT MoMent WheN : your nose starts itching while you are working in the laminar ...


ThaT MoMent WheN: you closed your facebook account and you're happy


... mmm, i c ...
this is a lab-life version though

ThaT MomenT WheN you are waiting for the BLAST result ...


second try

ThaT MoMent WheN: you closed your resörchgate-account for ever and you're happy


:lol:..the worst second try ever...and set your keyboard back to english, dr H.....this is probably no better:

ThaT MoMent WheN: you open a new box of films and realised that you forgot to lock the door of the X-ray developing room...then someone walks in...ooops...:D


ThaT MoMent WheN : I am sitting in front of computer and PCR tubes need to be removed from thermocycler.


That Moment When : You are checking the Chit Chat Section of Bio Forum and your supervisor walks in

-Ameya P-

That Moment When : you look on your gel on the uv-transilluminator and you realise that you forgot something in the PCR mix...


ThaT MoMent When : you are working your samples, and reaching the final one ...
you got out of tips! and needs to open a new box


ThaT MoMent When you drop your pipet and it's weekend

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