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efficiently transfect macrophage - (Dec/06/2004 )

Does anybody know how to transfect macrophage? Now I am transfect J774A.1 and RAW264.7 with lipofectine from Invitrogen, but the transfection efficiency was very low. I want to know some method that can transfect macrophage efficiently and can get stable cell line. Any advice was appreciated.

Daniel From UNL


you can use either retrovirus or adenovirus. Infection with retroviral vector will allow for stable expression of your gene, whereas adenoviral construct will ensure transient expression.


If you have access to an electroporator, electroporation works in almost every cell line but takes some monkeying to get the right conditions if you cannot find some already published. I have used is for cell lines that chemical tranfectants could not give stable transfections of.

I use a BTX unit and they have a lot of references to protocols for various cell lines. You can try some versions of their protocols.

good luck!