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Help, macrophage transfection - (Dec/06/2004 )

Does anybody know how to transfect macrophage? Now I am transfect J774A.1 and RAW264.7 with lipofectine from Invitrogen, but the transfection efficiency was very low. I want to know some method that can transfect macrophage efficiently and can get stable cell line. Any advice was appreciated.

Daniel From UNL


I've transfected U937 and Jurkat. I've only had success with electroporation.
In general, most suspension cells are resistant to transfection by any other technique.


Thank your advice.
But the cells what I will use (J774A.1 and RAW264.7) were adhesive cell, which attach to the wall of the plate so firm that I have to use scraper when I subculture the cell. When I check the lipofectamine 2000 (invitrogen), the cell lines that can be transfected contained RAW264.7, but when I check the information of gencarrier 1/2, the information said they are better than lipofectamine. Some information indicated the Fugene6 might be better. It makes me fell difficult to decide which product I should try.
Thank you anyway!

Daniel from UNL