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Monocyte maturation - Monocyte/macrophage/DC markers (Sep/03/2004 )

Can anyone suggest or offer advise on suitable markers for monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells. I need to distinguish between the three cell types. I was thinking of using CD156a for monocytes, CD169 for macrophages and CD1a/DC LAMP for dentritic cells. Any ideas, comments would be most appreciated.


For DC, you can use CD205 (DEC205). You can also use CD11c. For macrophages we typically use F4/80. If I remember correctly, you can double stain with CD14 and F4/80 for monocytes (hi CD14) and macrophages (low CD14). There is a great deal published in the area and you may want to do a PubMed search. The markers you chose will only identify subsets of each cell type.

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