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Your internet browser - (Apr/26/2011 )

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there are other reasons to select one over the other, depending on your needs. look at this comparison:

infoworld compares browsers


pito on Wed Apr 27 16:06:41 2011 said:

I simply use ie9...

I never understood the fuss about the browsers...
Does it really make such a big difference? Often they mention speed, but when you check the speed it comes down to being 0,1 seconds faster for example.. I dont see the point in that?

Whats for example so good about firefox or a reaso to start using firefox?
Esp for people that use the internet only to check basic stuff and read papers? I know that maybe for specialists (that need certain programs and like HTML5 Forms etc.. it can be usefull, but really , how many people need those things?)

To me it sounds a bit like the "mac" hype where a lot of people buy a mac, but really dont need it....
(by this I mean: they are well served with a a lot cheaper standard laptop)

I'd use a different browser (and not IE) because the vulnerability of IE was long time the highest compared to other browsers (spyware etc.). Most virus developers focused on IE, because most people used may change now as also the others gained more market share.
For me it is or was the main reason, speed etc I don't care too.


Any browser that supports Adblock Plus. Couldn't live without it.


I was a Firefox fan before, but now I always use Chrome. I think that its more light and faster.


i used explorer for a long time, but it somehow became incompatible with something on my computer and kept crashing, so I switched to chrome.


Yep I Use chrome too, I feel that uses fewer system resources than firefox.

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