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cpti antibody - (Oct/03/2005 )

i want to do westhern blot for cpti gene.Can anyone tell me is there any polyclonal or monoclonal antibody for CpTI (cowpea trypsin inhibitor) available in the market?
thanks alot.


check they have 2 of them


this is an email that I just got

"We have just published a paper available online at AJPHeartEndo outlining our use of mCPTI and LCPTI antibodies in rat heart. We obtained these excellent antibodies for both from Dr. Gebre Woldegiorgis, Department of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems, OGI School of Science and Engineering, Oregon Health Sciences University, Beaverton, OR"

is it what you need?


good time.i check the net,but there wasnt any paper about that.can you please give me the the website address that i can find that paper overthere?

thank you