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Upcoming conferences? - RNAi conferences (Oct/02/2005 )


Does anyone know of any upcoming RNA silencing conferences in the United States? I'm working on PTGS-related research as my senior project and I'd like to present it outside of school.

I tried Googling but came up with nothing. I figured here would be the best place to ask.



There's a conference in Boston October 19-20, 2005. Check out the Website on www.discoveryon Have not been to this conference so don't know how good it is and whether it serves your purpose.


I'll check it out, thanks!



There was an RNAi meeting held at Cold spring Habor Laboratory but it was already finished. In April next year there is also an international conference on Advances in RNAi and gene silencing held at Oxford, UK. Please come and register soon.

see you