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DNA precipitation with ethanol - (Oct/01/2005 )

Hi folks once again,

After mechanical bursting the plasmic membrane, lysis the nuclear membrane, separating the proteins from the DNA-proteins complex, centrifugating and then precipitating the DNA with ethanol and a salt, when we use a glass rod to collect the DNA (and RNA), is all the DNA going to stick to the rod or is some going to stay in the ethanol?

Since it precipitates and DNA is not soluble in ethanol, I'm thinking that all of the DNA should clump to the rod. And since such a big clump is formed I dont believe that there are opposite forces which could limit the amount of DNA that clumps.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Provided your DNA is not sheared, then you should not have any problem collecting most of your DNA - although like any purification protocol nothing is ever 100%.


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-Daniel Tillett-