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agarose gel storage - (Sep/28/2005 )

hi guys, how long can i store my agar at 4 degrees?
also, which one is better, just keep the agars in a container without anything, or soak the agars in TAE buffer?by the way, my agar already contains ethibro.
well, in my lab we dont have many agar cases. after i make the agar, i have to transfer them into my own container so other students can use the case. hope u can suggest me better way to store my agar.


for agarose gels, i store prepare 200ml 1%agarose in 0.5X TAE buffer, heat all add ethBr. I use the amount i need (minigel the most often) and the remaining preparation is stored on the bench at RT in a closed bottle.
If you mean you've already poured your agarose gel, i would say the bad point is that it's slowely dessicate. you can test by a tip if your gel is still elastic.


i mean, after i pour the agar into its case and let it hardened, how can i store them without the case?thanks for ur reply


wrap it in plasticwrap -- overnight you can leave at RT and for long term put in the refrigerator you can do this with or without an additional support, if available you could place in some type of tupperware to help with handling...


becaf is right.
i may suggest you an easy check : prepare and pour 50 or 100ml agarose (but an easy measurable amount) and store it in plastic wrap. If you think you've waited too long, redissolve it and check volume. Put more TAE if needed.



You can prepare your gel solution and keep it at in oven at (~ 60°C with or without EtBr) but, if you add EtBr, this will degrade overtime, so you shall to re-add some EtBr prior to pour gel to have a good visualziation of your DNA/RNA.


i usually try to avoid storing gels, but if I have to...then I place the solidified gel into a tupperware just a little bigger than the gel, cover it with TAE (same buffer you use to make the gel in the first place) and add an airtight lid.

should keep a couple of weeks; I don't really know for the long term but I have waited up to a week and had no problems at all, becca was all over it