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How to choose the best optimum RNAi kit? - (Sep/26/2005 )

Right now, I wanna buy a siRNA expression kit, and i'm kine for the vector based rather than directly buying the RNA duplex. I know Invitrogen is well known for its high quality and would like to go for it. I check for the guideline to choose a right product, some of the standards include"not recommended for hard-to-transfect cell type",etc. So, what type are easy and hard? I'm using 293A, I did transfection before,using Lipofectamine 2000. I could see the green fluorescent light after the pEGFP vector transfected easily. I don't know whether this belong to the easy-to-transfect type of cell.

Also can someone give me some suggestions on which company I should go for? I heard Ambion is also good for it? And also, should I design 2-3 targetet to different region of my gene?

Thank you greatly!



You can test some siRNA targets using synthetic siRNAs and then pick the one which has the greatest effect.

Abion is another company you should consider.