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siRNA kit - expensive (Sep/24/2005 )

The siRNA kit from Qiagen is so expensive sad.gif!!!

My boss wishes to use siRNA but he does not have the money. He was disappointed sad.gif when I told him the price for the kit.

If I got a PhD scholarship, I may be able to donate the scholarship to fund the siRNA study. Unfortunately I am just a self-funded PhD student and it will be hard for me to donate my saving (for paying the parking fee and petrol so that I can come to work at 6-7am and left at 8-9pm).

Do anyone know how to perform siRNA without using the expensive kit?

Thank you

-Minnie Mouse-


I don't know what kit from Qiagen you are referring to and what are included.

There are at least 3 ways of making siRNA for transfection.

  • Chemically synthetic siRNA - around $300 for each siRNA duplex, time-saving, reliable
  • Hairpin siRNA which is cloned from DNA oligos - You need to buy the vector, oligos, do ligation, transformation, screening, plasmid preparation etc, error prone, time consuming
  • PCR expression cassette - seems to be the most economic way of producing siRNA, but the quality of such siRNA may be not as good as synthetic siRNA.

Ambion website provides a very nice comparison table comparing many aspects of different ways of making siRNA

If you only have a few target genes, I would suggest that you go for synthetic siRNA. What you will need are gene specific siRNA, a control siRNA, transfection reagent such as lipofectamine 2000 from Invitrogen. The total cost may be well above $500.

If you can find someone who is willing to share his/her existing cloned hsRNA vector targeting your gene (check the literature), that will save you lot of money and time.

Good luck!


Thank You

-Minnie Mouse-