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possible DNase contamination - How can I clean my bench, pipets. etc? (Sep/22/2005 )

I needed to make a soln of DNase for my protein prep procedure and I think I may have contaminated my benchtop with some of the soln. I do a lot of DNA/plamsid work too, so I need to make sure this contamination does not spread! I have cleaned the bench with 95%EtOH, bleach and water. Any other suggestions?


that should be sufficient. DNase is a pretty rubbish enzyme to be honest, it doesn't even take too well to vortexing

-John Buckels-

Agreed, not too much to worry about with DNase I contamination, I believe there is a product called DNase Away made by ambion if you enjoy buying things.


Thanks all--have not had a problem with any of my reagents so the cleaning I did must have been sufficent. I knew I could get good answers here!