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Designing RNAi construct for adult Drosophila - (Sep/21/2005 )

Hi there! I hope someone would have an opinion about the following: I'm starting to do RNAi in adult Drosophila following the guidelines given in Kalidas & Smith article (Neuron 33, 177-184, 2002; method in which genomic and reversed cDNA are fused in a construct in order to get more efficient inhibition by splicing). My gene of interest is so small that I wont have a cDNA region of 400-800 bp, as the guidelines state, but at most 320 bp. I will have one intron there, so splicing should occur. Does anyone have exprerience in small-sized RNAi constructs? Have some of you used this method, and will you have some comments for me? I'd be glad to have any suggestions regarding this method!! Thanks in advance! smile.gif


you can try to use web pages from manufacturers that may help to find a siRNA sequence. like this one) Second you can perform a blast with all genome (included in most siRNA finder help web pages) That can give you a start.