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cellular hydration - (Sep/21/2005 )

I would like to learn how the blood changes after drinking a glass of water.Does the blood cells become less clumped ,that is more fluid one hour after taking 1 glass of water?


well,quite a long time ihaven't study that, so my answer may be quite not right.
I know that water is diffusible throw memebrane of enteroytes and in the intestine. As osmolarity in intra and extracellular liquid is balanced, water goes through membranes with ions and satls. The blood osmolarity won't change as the equilibrium must be maintained. If osmolarity in the blood is too low, erythrocytes grow their volume to get back to the 0,307 osmoles per liter. Finally all is regulated in kidney in the nephron area. Water and sats are fired out, and the appropriate amount of salt is reabsorbed (by henlé aparatus but i'm not sure...)
hope this clarifies the situation a little.
Sorry for mistakes.