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qRT-PCR - HELP: diluting samples (Sep/14/2005 )

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Hi every body,
i'm looking for a known PCR amplifing mosquito gene which i can use as a control in my qPCR, is any body have any idea about such a gene (name, reference...).


Check out this excellent tutorial on real-time PCR.
It explains more or less everything about efficiency, the Paffl- and the deltadeltaCT method and gives practical advise for the quality control.

Hope this will help some of you!


Does anyone know of any good books on qRT-PCR or PCR in general? I have a lot of papers, but I'm sort of looking for explainations on the theoretical/calculations.




About books i have this one: "A-Z of quatitative PCR" by Bustin, 2004. IUL Biotechnology Series. It is not that cheap but worthy.
I also know this one ; it is recommended by tataa biocenter... they are quit in PCR stuff!!

Hope it helps,


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