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miRNA databases - (Sep/14/2005 )
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I posted these in another topic, but I thought they may be very useful here. Besides mirBase by the Sanger Center, the following are fairly extensive efforts as well. You'lll have to copy and paste the urls, sorry... - the Tarbase is the db I was describing that had experimentally confirmed targets (scroll down the page) - target prediction - target prediction

Hope its useful.

-vasussci- target prediction for plant


two ncRNA databases: :)
mammalian Non-coding RNA database

is a brand-new database of all kinds of noncoding RNAs (except tRNAs and rRNAs). It is distinguished from other ncRNA databases by:
1.The data amount of NONCODE is big, and almost all traditional ncRNA classes are included.
2.All the sequences are confirmed by consulting the references manually, more than 80% data are from experiments.
3.We introduced a new classification system--process function classification system, which based on the cellular process it takes part in.
4.NONCODE also provides an efficient search option, allowing recovery of sequence, related publications and other information.


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One of the best around:



MicroRNA Expression database:



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