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Western background - vertical stripes ! urgent - (Sep/14/2005 )

Hi again!

Strange background in western blot:
I'm getting vertical stripes on the developed film.

The rest is as described in my last topic
Any ideas? Please help

Thanx Miri


vertical stripes is sign of a not-clean developping machine... if not, try to make a supplementary wah and retest your wb.



I already repeated the western blot with the same conditions, it looked the same.

Other blots in the same apparature work without any problem - so i guessed that it could be an antibody problem

What do u think?


what does the plnceau staining says about the migration ? do you see sharp bands or a vertical one?
It's also important to blot you membrane in a flat vial. Once by a coomassie coloration of a gel, my gel got a little very blu vertical line. That was due to a problem in my vial surface. Maybe the same for you?