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Extremely lunatic competent cell - transformation (Sep/12/2005 )

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sorry, that was all I had sad.gif

why are you paying so much for competent cells? they are very easy to make


QUOTE (Sbuonline @ Sep 14 2005, 09:24 PM)
I didn't hink about toxicity, maybe this could be one problem, but when i grew the same insert in an another vector i hadn't any problem...


Maybe in another vector the insert was under other promoter, less strong or less leaky.

People say, that liquid culture gives more strong and quick selection than plate.

Or maybe something has happened with your strain. Just try other bacterial strain, like a control.

Other control should be done to transform the competent cells with the othe plasmid (pUC for example) and to see, how it growth in THIS liquid culture.


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