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genomic DNA sequence - (Sep/10/2005 )


I've got the cDNA sequence of my novel gene (from database) and I am looking into ways to get the complete genomic sequence to locate the promoter etc. Is genome walking the only way to get genomic DNA sequence from cdNA?



which species are you talking about?


human species, but does that make a difference. I'm just looking for ways to find out the genomic sequence from cDNA. FYI, this particular novel gene only has cDNA data in the genbank.


I thougt that the human genome was sequenced (nearly) completely. Doe a BLAST with your cDNA not result in a hit on a cosmid? Even not if you divide your cDNA in smaller fractions (to make sure you blast with a sequence that are in the gene not divided by introns)?


Try a blast search into the ensembl genome build from the species you are working with. Use the following link the get there, then use the contig viewer to access the flanking genomic sequence. I think you will get what you are looking for.