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Sodium Boric Acid as TAE replacement - Does anyone use SBA? (Sep/09/2005 )

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Okay, I think I'll have some time next week to finally try out this buffer. One question -- does the disodium borate decahydrate buffer need to be pH adjusted? It's unclear from the article whether the 1 x (5 mM) Na2B407 needs to be pHed. The article reads (emphasis added):

"...where 1X SB consisted of 5 mM disodium borate decahydrate or 10 mM sodium hydroxide, pH adjusted to 8.5 with boric acid."

A literal reading of this implies that the first method (use of 5 mM disodium borate decahydrate) requires no pH adjustment; that you must only pH adjust the NaOH solution, if you use this buffer. Is this correct?


I'm not sure, but I'd definitely pH it in any regard. I'm going to pick up some Borax from the store tomorrow and see how that works out.



i have never checked the pH of my solutions
now i know that my sodium borate 100 mM stock is at pH 9.5...



I remember to have read that the boric acid can inhibit enzymatic reaction. I intend to do ligation with my DNA cut out from the gel. Would that be a problem if I use the LB/SB? I will use QiaXII gel extraction kit to extract the DNA. Will that be good enough to remove the borate salt? Thanks.


I just tried the following:

8g NaOH
45g Boric Acid
ad 1l H2O
(makes a 20x solution)

i only used it in one gel but the results were good (compared to TAE) by doubeled voltage (instead of 80 i used 180V). cool.gif

-parp man-

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