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siRNA transfetion in MEL (murine erythroleukemia) cell - (Sep/09/2005 )


I'm trying to get a silencing of Rad21 gene in MEL cell by using qiagen Hiperfect regent to do siRNA transfection. But the result is not good. Who did this kind of experiments before? or in other suspension cells?

Thank you very much.


Do you know whether MEL cells can be trasnfected or not?

Most citations would use Oligofectamine and Lipofectamine 2000 for transfecting siRNA.
Perhaps you can have a try.

If the cells cannot be transfected, I am sorry that you have to use the viral delivery (vector-based technology).


our experience is that the best reagent for MEL cell siRNA transfection is RNAicarrier from Epoch Biolabs. We can cosistently knockdown >50% PKC level. You may want to try it. Lentivirus is your last resort for this.


Thank you guys very much, I will try as what you said one by one.maybe, at last I have to use viral vector...