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Impurities in the DNA extraction from sugarcane - (Sep/04/2005 )

Dear friends
im facing something strange with my DNA extraction. i work with sugarcane which has comparatively high amount of polysaccharides. i extract total genomic DNA by CTAB mtd. when i run the DNA (dissolved in water) in 0.8% agarose i see a single sharp band so the DNA is not degraded, but there is something else that also illuninates always high above the DNA band. This substance runs slow, and it dissolves in water also slowly. however it makes the DNA solusion very viscous making it difficult to pippet. acctually it doesnt properly dissolve ,but makes clots. I tried increasing the CTAB propotion but no difference. if any body have some idea what's happening pls how can i get rid of it?

thanks in advance



I found 2 different protocols that can be useful for you.Here are the links:



Hope it helps.See you...


hi katanin
thanks so much, ill try and see this protocol,
cheer chandima