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RNA Isolation - Increasing RNA amounts quantitatively and qualit. (Sep/01/2005 )

We have extracted RNA using the Trizol method from the Hela cell cultures and the yeild is very low. Also there is DNA contamination.

Getting rid of the contaminating DNA requires DNase treatment which is further reducing our yeild.

Any solution for increasing the efficiency and purity of the isolated RNA would be welcome. Also we need procedures for totally eliminating the contaminating DNA.


I would suggest you to change to Qiagen kits. I used both methods and the RNA from Qiagen looked really better on the gel. You can also do the DNA digestin on the column to save time and you dont have to purify again.

Good luck!

PS I am not working for Qiagen wink.gif

-Montgomery Burns-

Thank you for your suggestion.




I agree the qiagen kit works !!..its easy to use and takes about a half hr to insolate the RNA.