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How to induce DNA damage - anyone have any tips? (Aug/31/2005 )

Greetings !

I'm studying a protein that is induced by DNA damage. What are some good inductions for damaging DNA? I have some Hela +UV, and some phorbol-ester treated cells, does anyone have any other suggestions?

thanks a million!



maybe Calicheamicin is a substance you could try. It induces DNA doublestrand breaks.
Only problem is, it´s not easy to obtain. By now it is used as a therapeutic conjugated to monoclonal antibodies.

Perhaps try contacting Prof. Nicolaous Group:



Hi !

It depends on what kind of damage you want to induce. A good method is radiation. It induces Double strand breaks. Also bleomycin is effective.

good luck


topoisomerase inhibitors like etoposide, doxorubicin induce DSBs wonderfully.