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Ladder for silver staining - (Aug/31/2005 )


I plan to separate DNA on a denaturing polyacrylamid gel an to stain it with silver. Do you know if I can use the common DNA ladder I use normally for agarose gels or should I use a special one?

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There is really nobody who has an idea??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nobody who ever worked with the silver stain method????????????????!!!!!!!!!! ohmy.gif


Can you silver stain DNA?? I know you can for protein, but DNA? I've never heard about it and I am almost certain it is not in Sambrook.

As for using the ladder, if you can silver stain DNA, I imagine it would stain your ladders just as easily as you other DNA.


Yes, any ladder will work fine.

However, due to the high sensitivity of silver incorporation you will have to cut back on how much ladder you load. It has been awhile since I have done it so don't have a concentration for you.