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Help! RNA in vitro transcription - (Aug/30/2005 )


It may be a really silly question... I am using the Ambion T7 MaxiScript kit to in vitro transcripe RNA. With the kit comes a control - a 250 bp fragment which yields when using T7 a 304 bp transcipt.

How can the transcpript be bigger than the the template??? blink.gif

If that is the way how it works, how do I know the actual size of my transcript?

Please, could anyone enlighten me?



Sorry guys, never mind.


Did you figure it out, or did you just have the two numbers mixed up?



The "template" (250 bp) is within a linearized plasmid. This plasmid contains 3 promoter sites, T7, SP6, T3 in tandem - this gives you a bigger product.

I should have thought a bit more before posting such a rubbish, sorry.