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Primer Programm for Sequencing - (Aug/29/2005 )

Hi everyone

I like to ask you if anyone knows a Primer design programm freeware or not which could design Primer for sequencing. I know you can do this with any Programm but I mean just entering the whole Sequence e.g. 10kb and then I get Primer with overlaps every 500bp or so. I hope my question is undersandeble! Thanks a lot in advance !!!!!!

-Montgomery Burns-

if you find something do let me know, check out the following link with regard to current primer design programs.

bioinformatics forum

I have had to do something very similar to what you are after although my region of interest was several megabases, so I did it manually with primer3 or it's equivalent.

good luck!



I have used the program Oligo to do this is the past. All I did was get it to generate a series of PCR primers with the parameters I wanted in the region of interest and then picked out a primer every 700 bp from the list generated.


DNA sequencing protocols

-Daniel Tillett-

OK. Thanks a lot for your answers. Maybe such a tool dosn't exist jet. Hope in the near future there will be a smart Bioinformatic who progams it. I will keep my ears and eyes open! cool.gif

-Montgomery Burns-