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silver staining prob - (Aug/25/2005 )

i have been trying to do silver staining in my lab.. m the only one who does it, so have nothin else to fall back on except printed protocols
the thing is that the 1st time i tried it, it worked wonderfully (i used the DTT, glutaraldehyde method)
but since then, i have tried reproducing ot, but it just doent work!
do i have to prepare fresh solutions every time i plan to do a silver staining?
i prepare AgNO3 n the developing solution fresh everytime.......
can anyone help?


I have done silver staining few times with Proteosilver plus Silver stain kit from Sigma and it works well.. just follow the protocol exactly..
All the best!


thanx! smile.gif
ill defenitely let u know abt the results!


this method has worked flawlessly for me:

(under staining protocols on left-hand side of web page)