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18S rRNA copy number - (Aug/25/2005 )

I'm using the 18S rDNA gene for quantification of gDNA in my rabbit total RNA samples. I don't have any rabbit gDNA controls and would prefer to use externally validated DNA

I do have mouse & human gDNA controls (the primers work on all 3) but don't have any data on copy number of the rDNA gene in mouse or rabbit.

Does anyone know if the copy number is similar across all 3 organisms?

-John Buckels-


you should be able to calculate your copy number based on the MW and lenght of your gene in bp and by means of the Avogado const. (NA = 6.02x10^23)

--> copies / ng = (n x MW) / (NA x 10^-9).

(Roche Diagnostics, PCR application manual, 2nd ed.).