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which agarose to use for pre-clearing - IP (Aug/22/2005 )


I am planning to use anti-HA agarose conjugate to purify the HA fusion protein from cell lysate. But besides the fusion protein, I also observed many unspecific protein bands present in the elute. The problem is I don't dare to use any stringent washing buffer during immunprecipitation since my purpose is to obtain protein complex.

My labmate suggested me to use agarose first to remove some proteins that may unspecifically interact with agarose bead in later step.

But I am not sure if I can just use normal agarose (those we used in DNA/RNA electrophoresis) for this purpose?

Thanks a lot for your suggestion:)


I finally figured this out...

Not to use agarose, but to use pre-immune IgG and Proteinase A agarose conjugate for the pre-clearing.