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SV40-less Luciferase promoter plasmid? - (Aug/22/2005 )

I'm trying to do a luciferase reporter to test out an enhancer sequence. Unfortunately, the SV40 promoter in the pGL3 that I normally use contains binding sites for the protein that should bind to my enhancer, so I can't use that. Does anyone know of any other luciferase (or other reporter) promoter plasmids I could use instead?


hi there,
try new series of Promega vectors, e.g. pGL4, they seems better then PgL3 vectors and have less sites for transcription factors.
maybe that could solve your problem.


if you are happy to use Renilla luciferase rather than firefly there are more options

You can look at Promega's phRL series - these have luciferase under the control of things like the HSV-TK promoter or the CMV promoter, etc.