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Storing low conc plasmid DNA - (Aug/12/2005 )


I need to store serial dilutions of plasmid DNA and want to know the best way to store the lowest dilutions to stop them disappearing in the tube?! I'm thinking that I can maybe add some random DNA like salmon sperm? I'm already using low DNA binding tubes.

any bright ideas? tongue.gif



I am not sure how low you are trying to go, but i have kept dilutions as low as 0.7fg/ul and seen consistent pcrs a year later. Maybe it is not necessary to add anything?? (Mine were stored at -20C non-frost free)


Use TE and BSA.


DNA sequencing programs

-Daniel Tillett-

i'ver diluted in water a plasmid at 10ng/┬Ál and it's still ok after months.