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DNA + RNA extraction - (Aug/12/2005 )


I´m searching for a method to extract DNA and RNA from less than 100µl bacterial lysate. All commercial kits available have either the possibility to purify DNA from enzymatic reaction with spin columns. Or to extract DNA from the bacterial suspension , but they include in this case the lysate step, which i don´t want to have.
I´ve found a protocol for isolating DNA and RNA at the same time using phenol/chloroform. RNA is extracted with LiCl and DNA is precipitated with ethanol. But the problem is that I just have 100µl of bacterial lysate, so I´m not sure if the methode is working with such a litttle amount of material.
I think a commercial kit with a spin column or something like that would be better.

Someone has an idea?




DNA sequencing software

-Daniel Tillett-