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DNA precipitation by EtOH &centrifuge - (Nov/29/2001 )

I usually use Linear polyacrylamide as a carrier for DNA precipitation by EtOH. I have read about using glycogen as a carrier, I would like to know if anyone knows a method avoiding not to use acrylamide (for which legislation is hard in France) as carrier for DNA.

Thanks for all



I know for the french legislation, i work in french laboratory. As carrier you can use glycogen at 10 micro or plus when you precipitate with EtOH. You can also put microtube at -80°C 15mn or overnight at -20°C when small amount DNA. Glycogen is put into tube before Na acetate+EtOH. You can also use yeast tRNA as carrier, it's work well.



Are you sure you are not confusing POLYacrylamide and acrylamide (the monomer). LPA (Linear Poly Acrylamide) can be purchased cheaply from Sigma and used as a carrier.


You can also use dextran blue.


I have searced in Sigma, but I have not found LPA.Where could I find it (is it solid or liquid)?Thank you for all