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Who knows the plasmid M13? - looking for the plasmid map of the m13 plasmid (Aug/06/2005 )

I am working with a plasmid termed "M13" and it is used for overexpression of the retroviral gag/pol proteins in mamallian cells. the plasmid was a gift, but no one in our lab knows from whom. for control -digestion of the plasmid, the map or the whole sequence would be interesting.


can someone explain how to sequence a plasmid were the sequence is not known?- how to do this?

please help.... thx


you know the plasmid contains the gag/pol genes from HIV, so you can use a primer that faces "outside" this genes, which will give you some sequence information about your plasmid. from there on it's chromosomal walking, basically: read the new sequence, design a new primer, use that for sequencing, use the sequence for design of a new primer etc......