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MGB Taqman vs. Molecular Beacons - which is better for SNP discrimination? (Aug/04/2005 )


I will be using qPCR in the relatively near future to measure the amount of knockdown in an siRNA experiment. I will be multiplexing, with different probes for the mutant and wild-type alleles, which differ from each other by only one nucleotide. I have no experience with qPCR, and was wondering if anyone has found the MGB Taqman or molecular beacons better for this type of application.

Thanks for any help/advice!


Well, you want to use different Probes in one reaction.
I would suggest, that you think about HybProbes.
I think that would be the standard procedure.
It would take to long, to explain you the advantages for your intention, but I can tell you, that you won´t have success using TaqMan (MGB) Probes or Molecular Beacons.

Check this site. It was the first I googled out, so I´m not shure how good it is.

But when you type "HybProbes snp" there will be many hits with google.