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Trypsin vs Non Enzymatic - (Aug/03/2005 )

Hi all,

I was wondering, does either method of dissociating adherent cells (i.e. trypsin vs non enzymatic methods) hold any significant advantage over the other?


i've read in this forum but can't find the topic back wacko.gif, that people let cells on the bench in PBS and cells detach slowly.
But you can also, with PBS or medium , detach cells by aspirate/reflux with a pipette. But it's quite a boring manip if your cells are well attached, and i assume it's a hard method that breaks cells...


one of my lab mates froze MCF-7 plates ( in PBS) at -20 or -70 (not sure). The next day when she thawed the plates, the cells started floating. No trypsinization was required.
Does this happen to other people?