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can i autoclave agarose gel with TAE buffer - (Jul/31/2005 )

i am working on transformation for the moment. i would like to know can i autoclave agarose gel in TAE buffer? i need a sterile condition for my project. so can i autoclave agarose gel


First of all, I don't think there is such need as to autoclave agarose gel and TAE buffer. For transformation, sterile condition is not so strictly required, because clones are slected on antibiotics plates. Anything that is not antibiotics resistant won't grow. We usually do ligation, transformation even not under a hood and even using non-sterile tubes.


one question: do you grow you bacteria on agarose/TAE???

you can autoclave TAE buffer if need to be stored for a long time



u can make a stock of TAE buffer and store it until use
and then dilute it as n wen required.

agarose gel doesnt need to be sterlised

-seema M-

You boil before you pour your gel, so most living things will be killed.

Maybe put your gel under UV for a long time before you run it?