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opinion on CBA kits - good replacement for ELISA? (Jul/29/2005 )

I'd like people’s opinions on the use of cytometric bead assay kits to replace the traditional ELISA for detecting cytokine expression. I am finding inconsistencies with my IFn-g detection using CBA compared to the levels I get with ELISA...anyone else?


we got good consistent results with cba from bd and the luminex multiplex system from biorad.

Both systems are very expensive per measured cytokine when compared to traditional antigen capture ELISA, so we went back to ELISA.



if you buy kits the price per. cytokine is pretty expensive, but if you develop them yourself, the price makes it worth everything. For different cytokines see Skogstrand et al. 2005, clin. chem. this assay works, and it works well