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Freezing method for Hybridoma - (Jul/28/2005 )

I am generating hybridomas from transgenic mouse spleen inorder to analyse the repertoire (Light chain). I ended up having more than 300 master clones (and many more to come) from my fusions and i am not able to freeze all of them in conventional way since space is limited. I was wondering is there any freezeing method available in 96 well format or any other method which can occupy less space in liquid nitrogen tank. I would greatly acknowledge if anyone has such technology to do it.

thanks in advance


hi maybe you can try to add freezing medium on your plates, and bring it at -80°. ou can keep these for month at -80. But in liquid nitrogen you must use a closed vial and 96well plates are not ok for that...
Depends when you will need to test your clones...
hope that helps.