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Coverslips stuck on plastic after fixation - (Jul/26/2005 )


I'm going to do some immunofluorescence on cultured cells. I've been teached how to fix cells on coverslips and I'll do it tomorrow. But I'm not very happy with it.
Indeed, one told me to place coverslips in a plastic dish (such as 6-well plates), wash with PBS, fix with methanol/acetone, wash again and block for one hour. I'm Ok with that, but then, I have to detach the coverslips from the wells, and this appears very tricky to me since the coverslips are stuck on plastic and quite difficult not to break.
Would anyone have any good advice to give me ? What could I use (other than 6-well plates) to put my coverslips on so that they won't be as attached as on plastic? Would glass be better ?
Thanks for your answer.



A much easier way is to use culture wells from BD that allow you to do the experiment in them as well as fix and stain in them. They come in 4,6, and 8 wells. When you are done staining you just take off the "wells" , add mounting media, and put on a coverslip. Hope this helps.


I agree....I use chamber glass slides from Nalge Nunc. They come in different types and the company does send some free samples..
they come sterile and so its not a prob sticking it in the incubator


I know, I was planning to get some for my next experiments.. but in the meantime I'll have to do it tomorrow woth coverslips, and I'm not very happy with detaching them from 6-well plates.
So any advice, trick...
Thanks !!!