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C57bl6 mice/IgG2a - (Jul/26/2005 )

We just received a publication claiming that B6 mice lack the gene for IgG2a and instead produce "IgG2c". Our isotyping ELISAs using anti-IgG2a always detect something in B6 sera and whatever it apparently cross-reacts with is consistent with results expected in TH1(IgG2a)/TH2 (IgG1) differentiation. I wonder if IgG2c functions as a IgG2a homolog in TH1 development.


we did some Ig subclass ELISAs with C57BL/6 mice after immunisation and we found that IgG1 and IgG2a antibodies detected something, and our results were consistent to the TH1 TH2 differentiation on cells. So, even there's only IgG2c there in these mice, the IgG2a antibody seems to pick up the right antibody subclass..., so no harm done.