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Plasmid - Choosing a plasmid (Jul/18/2005 )

Hi all,
just a short question: What are the criterias of choosing plasmid?(I´m beginner:-) If you know any web or simply advices,
Thanx, bye...


first you should choose the plasmid regarding your needs : that means the first thing is to think about the host you'll gonna use for amplification and the appropriate antibiotic resistance gene in the plasmid.
For further experiments, you should get appropriate unique restriction sites in the multi clning site of the plasmid.
These are the basics.
Further details can be needed : good promoter (inductible, CMV for protein expression, H1/U6 for siRNA expression) all details that are dependent of your work...


One good place to look is NEB. They've got a fairly large selection of cloning vectors.

Clontech is another good one.

Your choice of vector is all going to depend on what you need to do with it. For most cloning and purification applications, something simple like a pBR322 or pET21a system is sufficient (assuming bacterial expression). If you're working with something eukaryotic or need fusion constructs, you'll have to look into those areas specifically.