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Old trick for DNA extr. after PAGE - (Mar/16/2002 )

Old trick but giving nice and quick results. To extract DNA after PAGE even after fixation with methanol and acetic acid, just cut the PA piece, add 150Ál MQ water, shake for 10 minutes at room temp, centrifuge 2 minutes and transfer supernatant to new tube. Use 5 Ál for PCR amplification. That's all!

-Vincent Delespaux-

When you say shake and centrifuge, may I know at what speeds (in rcf, if possible). Thanks.


I would think at 13.000 to 16.000 rpm.


Shaking speed as no influence on results. Centrifuge speed is OK between 5000 and 15000 RPM. Who was talking about simple protocol?

-Vincent Delespaux-