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DAPI staining - (Jul/16/2005 )

Im trying to do MLO staing on plant sections. the protocol I'm using says to dissolve DAPI in phosphate buffer pH 7.4, at 1 microgram per ml but it doesn't dissolve properly. pls somebody tell me how to do it, thanks in advance


DAPI kind of ppts out in the PBS buffer that I use also. It does not mix up when yu vortex what I do is I make my stock concentration in say 75 ul and pipete it up and down using a pipete tip. Make sure that its is dispersed well and then take say 20 ul add it to 1 ml. again pipete it....then add it to say 9 ml of PBS.
so basically the idea is to pipete and not vortex.
good luck


maybe try to first dissolve your DAPI in water at 1 mg/ml and after make your solution to use on cells at desired concentration in PBS